20th anniversary commemorative 2014 edition

What jackie taught Us

Lessons From the remarkable Life of Jacqueline kennedy onassis

“No one we knew ever had a better sense of self.” – Senator Ted Kennedy

For the new 2014 Commemorative Edition of “What Jackie Taught Us” TINA SANTI FLAHERTY invites fourteen opinion leaders from around the world to share their insights on the ways Jackie influenced them – and society at large – over the past two decades.

First published in 2004, the book emphasized Jackie’s leadership and life lessons over her well-documented power to captivate.

This expanded edition delves even more deeply into the enduring legacy of this iconic figure, whom the world refuses to forget… even 20 years after her death.

“Jackie didn’t exactly despise her fame, she just didn’t to cooperate with it unless on her own terms.” – Liz Smith, Author/columnist

“Her greater gift to the country was her willingness to stand up for what she believed.” – Kent Barwick, president emeritus of the Municipal Art Society